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What we've been talking about...

2017-2018 themes and scripture focus

Start the Party

Each small group tribe will be encouraged to "Throw a Party" for a family or group by serving them in a special way. Each month on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month, our lesson time will be shorter and tribes will meet for a longer period to work on their service project. Here is a list of suggestions they might choose to do:

Start the Party Ideas

Maybe your own family will want to "throw a party" also??


2016-2017 themes and scripture focus

Why We Worship

Love equals

Year in Review


Big Picture Promo


So you’re raising a teenager.

It’s kind of hard sometimes, isn't it?

But you can do it. And we want to help you, if we can.

So here are some of our all-time favorite books, blogs, and other resources that, we hope, will help you make some sense of this raising-a-teenager thing.


space capacity brains 99 sticky socialmedia sex playing guys girls        

 Blogs & Websites 


allpro   awake





tween         understand 









We hope these resources are helpful! And remember, if we can help you in any other way, just let us know.