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What we've been talking about...

Fall 2018 Theme and Focus:


What's the difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary? How do you take your life to the next level? What does it mean to be uniquely you? How should Christians be Holy and Set Apart? What is the reason for the Hope that we have??
Get to the Point this Fall as we check out what Peter has to share from his experience as a disciple who was transformed by his time with Jesus!
(Thanks to our very own Marcus R. for the image used in our series Promo! Check out his Instagram!)

Ideas to share the "Marvelous Light" of Christ and take your faith to the "Next Level" -- Service Ideas


2017-2018 themes and scripture focus

The Path

What's the next step on your personal walk with God? And how do you continue to follow Jesus for a lifetime? This spring at our Wednesday Night "OTTAGETTU" Youth Group, several guests will share their own story of how they journeyed through their teenage years into adulthood without leaving their faith behind. Follow along on The PATH!

Prayer Styles

Ready to change things up in 2018? The Bible shows us that prayer can take on a variety of different styles. This January we will begin the year by looking at the Psalms of the Old Testament to better understand what real, honest, and life-changing prayer can look like.

Each small group will also be challenged to "practice" praying in new and meaningful ways to grow in their faith. Here's a list of suggestions:

Prayer Style Ideas


Start the Party

Each small group tribe will be encouraged to "Throw a Party" for a family or group by serving them in a special way. Each month on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month, our lesson time will be shorter and tribes will meet for a longer period to work on their service project. Here is a list of suggestions they might choose to do:

Start the Party Ideas

Maybe your own family will want to "throw a party" also??


2016-2017 themes and scripture focus

Why We Worship

Love equals

Year in Review


Big Picture Promo


So you’re raising a teenager.

It’s kind of hard sometimes, isn't it?

But you can do it. And we want to help you, if we can.

So here are some of our all-time favorite books, blogs, and other resources that, we hope, will help you make some sense of this raising-a-teenager thing.


space capacity brains 99 sticky socialmedia sex playing guys girls        

 Blogs & Websites 


allpro   awake





tween         understand 









We hope these resources are helpful! And remember, if we can help you in any other way, just let us know.