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Upcoming Events

Download our Winter-Spring Calendar 2019 <--(Click that!)



You OTTAGETTU The Point on Wednesday’s @ 6:45-8 p.  OTTAGETTU (ought-to-get-to) is for students grades 6-8, and 9-12. Each week begins with a large group gathering which includes opening games, live worship, and teaching time. Youth then enter into small group Tribe time for small group discussion with peers of their own age.

Wednesday nights during the Summer months are a bit different, featuring group activity nights once or twice a month spaced in between other events on the youth calendar.



Sunday AM D.I.G. meets every Sunday morning from 9:45-10:45 a. Our Sunday Morning gathering explores the same topics discussed at our Wednesday Night Group in a more in-depth study.  With classes for Middle School (grades 6-8) and High School (grades 9-12), Deeper Into God provides young people the opportunity to be better equipped to imitate Christ with their life.