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What’s The Point?

THE POINT! is the Middle School (grades 6-8) and High School Ministries (9-12) of Grand Point Church in Chambersburg, PA.  We are on the point at 2230 Grand Point Road, Chambersburg, PA 17202.  Click here for a map.  For our staff’s contact info, please click here.


Grand Point Church is a member of the Churches of God, General Conference

In 2018, the name of the church was officially changed from "Chambersburg First Church of God" to "Grand Point Church" to better reflect our mission and vision. For more information, please visit our main church

Take a "Virtual Tour" of our building addition, dedicated to ministering to Children and Youth, Opened in the Spring of 2016.



You OTTAGETTU The Point on Wednesday’s @ 6:45-8:15 p.  OTTAGETTU (ought-to-get-to) is for students grades 6-8, and 9-12.  Each week begins with large group teaching which includes opening games and live worship. After group time, youth get into small groups, called "tribes" to discuss the topic of the evening.

Sunday AM D.I.G. meets every Sunday morning from 9:45-10:45 a.  With classes for Middle School (grades 6-8) and High School (grades 9-12), Deeper Into God provides young people the opportunity to be better equipped to imitate Christ with their life.


We believe that a student’s parents (not their church) will always be the biggest influence on their lives in every way – including spiritually.  So if the church wants to impact students spiritually, doesn’t it make sense that the church try to partner with the most powerful, influential people in those students’ lives in order to make that happen?We use the term PARTNER for a reason.  It’s because we believe parents and the church need each other.  The church needs parents to be actively engaged with their kids’ spiritual growth, because they’re ultimately the biggest influencers of their own children.  And parents need the local church because their kids need to learn about and experience God from a whole community of believers!  At THE POINT, we strategically develop ways to engage and partner with parents and families.




Youth who attend OTTAGETTU will be assigned to a small group called a "Tribe." Tribe time on Wednesday night allows for more personal interactions between students and their peers, and their tribe leaders. It is also a time to discuss and apply the topic of the evening in deeper and age-specific ways.

Tribes are divided by age, and friends who come together are typically kept in the same tribe. Middle School Tribes are divided into guys and girls. High School tribes are co-ed and lead by a married couple. Each tribe is led by a team of committed youth leaders who have met our screening requirements and are passionate about making a difference in the lives of teenagers. They are encouraged to interact with youth outside of church and my plan fun activities and attend important events in the lives of our students.

Tribe leaders are the heart of what we do at The Point!  Tribe leaders are our most powerful tool in our attempt to partner with parents, because they are the people doing the majority of the hands-on partnering.  Tribe leaders serve as “another voice” in the lives of students; they’re voices of love, encouragement, wisdom, and support for students.  They’re voices who echo the hearts of those students’ parents.  They’re voices who are committed to doing whatever they can to help students engage in a vibrant relationship with God and in the story He wants to tell through their lives.


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Along with our weekly gatherings on Wednesday night and Sunday morning, we also host all sorts of events for students throughout the school year.  These events include: Paintball, Flag Football, Go-Carts, Bowling, Spa Days, Laser Tag, Skiing, Boarding, Tubing, plus whatever else we can think of.  The goal of most of our special events is just to create a really fun and engaging environment for our students to invite their friends and have a place outside of a Wednesday night or Sunday morning, to connect and build healthy friendships with each other.We also take a group of students each summer to Creation Festival in nearby Shrileysburg, PA.